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I’m about to scream if I read or hear another nonsensical diatribe of meaningless kerfuffle about how Millennials are generationally unique in human history.

According to the ‘experts’ and pundits this group of young people see life from an entirely different historical perspective. Let’s see, they are smarter, more computer savvy, more collaborative and intrinsically motivated than any previous generation.

What a bunch of crap!

They, like all youth, have inexperienced ideas. They have only dealt with their current technology. They have flights of ideas that have not yet failed them. They may have had some successes and some failures but not yet enough to truly imprint on their human psyche the ebb and flow of events.

The assertion that those older lack the technological skill sets of the youth is without foundation. Who do these experts think were around to develop and think up those advanced gadgets, gizmos and processes?

The assertion that the millennials are the only ones with the ability to foresee, adapt and adjust to rapid change is ridiculous.  How much change have they seen compared to those who’ve been around for more decades?

Finally the claim that we must address, motivate and lead millennial differently denies human nature. Our physiology has not changed with this new generation any more than it changed in the 60’s and 70’s when I heard the same words applied to the long haired, free spirited and long haired youth of Woodstock and Vietnam war protest.

So next time you hear something like, “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority, they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise,” don’t buy the Millennial argument.  It’s about youth and has applied to every generation.

I figure Socrates probably made some consulting money by promulgating the same thesis.

One thought on “Hyping Millennials
EvSmirnov says:

Thanks to the encouragement of parents, teachers and high school guidance counselors, it is virtually expected for Millennials in the upper-middle class and higher to attend a 4-year university after high school. This isn’t necessarily bad advice, but where the aforementioned advisors went wrong is they never bothered to ensure that the Millennials they were advising were ensuring that they were seeking out colleges and degree programs that provided them with a return on their investment.

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