The cost of having your SCADA information hosted from a 3rd party can go well beyond money.

How much does it cost? Monthly vs. Yearly subscriptions? Which provider is the most stable? Not to mention the fact that just to stay competitive, SCADA Hosting providers are cutting corners, raising costs, and more than a few are closing their doors completely.

How do you avoid such operational and fiscal risks from Hosted SCADA like:


  • What happens your SCADA Hosting Provider closes its doors?
  • What happens if your 3rd party provider raises their costs?
  • What happens if your Hosting provider is slow on responses, causing operational halts?
  • What are the consequences of the SCADA Hosting Provider failing your company?

We have a better solution.

The Modbus Combo is a solution that makes sense both for operational risk and ROI: having a tailored, designed HMI Structure using the data collection module at the Control Panel can put the power and control back in your hands.

With no SCADA Hosting Dependency, HMI is now located and hosted in the cabinet where there is still HMI experience and operation with no need for third parties to provide service once installed.

This means:

  • Once installed and commissioned, which includes all software and intellectual property, you won’t be held hostage to a single integrator.
  • No SCADA Hosting Service Dependency or additional fees on maintenance
  • No sizable HMI Licenses
  • You can get a complete package even if you decide to choose different integrators
  • Rapid development – The Modulus Combo is the reliability factor.
  • Reliable solutions – as long as there is internet connection, the HMI is reachable.
  • Can interface with existing databases
  • Cloud based storage allows for log-in remotely (you can use your own device as your mobile HMI station)

Could you imagine having no software maintenance fees or sizable HMI License? How could saving on monthly SCADA Hosting fees help your bottom line?

Why use a 3rd Party SCADA Hosting Service when it is costly, unstable, and not required?

Get in Touch With GlobaLogix Today to See How We Can Cut The Cord Between You and Your SCADA Hosting.