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You Plan

New Construction of Well Pads, Gathering Systems, Disposal Sites, or Pipeline Sections and want a SCADA System that meets your specific needs and conforms to your design concept.

You Operate

A Variety of well pads, gathering systems, salt water disposal sites, or pipelines with a variety of SCADA types and need to bring disparate parts together to work in concert.

You Run

A top notch company with an impeccable safety record. You have an excellent team that handles some of your SCADA, but may lack in some specific areas.

You Use

Best practice equipment, leading edge not bleeding edge, that keeps up with technological advances in controls and data acquisition

Adaptable | Customizable | Collaborative | Experienced

You Want A Partner 

That Adjusts to How You Do Business

That Is Not Tied Down To One Brand Of Equipment

That Has An Impeccable Safety Record

That Embraces Your Safety Policies

That Adjusts To How You Do Business

That Can Get Your Project On Track

That Has Resources And Skillsets Readily Available

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Electrical Engineering


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Communication | Networking

Panel Fabrication

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Electrical Engineers: 9 Best Jobs In Growing Energy Industry

Electrical Engineers are highly sought in the energy market due to the shrinking numbers of skilled workers. As Automation, Integrations, SCADA, IOT (Internet of Things), and Controls becomes more advanced, the need for skilled Electrical Engineers keeps rising. From Programming and Testing to Project Management, these top 9 jobs (and honorable mentions) are in the highest demand.

Enhancing Legacy Equipment: Before and After

Upgrading legacy systems, as opposed to replacing them, can have their benefits. Maintenance and “clean wiring” can not only be a headache, but the skills required to make it efficient may be lacking in your internal team.

Modernization and improved performance cannot be dealt with lightly – so make sure if you are looking for a partner to turn to someone who can back up their claim.

SCADA Systems

Professional Engineering Solutions and Electrical Engineering Field Services: Want Both or Just A Piece?

The ideal situation is to be able to call upon a partner that has both Professional Engineering Solutions as well as Electrical Engineering Field Services as a turnkey solution. In addition, that partnership should have the flexibility to break apart pieces of their capabilities to adjust to your specific concerns and needs.

Ethylene Pipeline Extension in Texas

Tuesday, Enterprise Products Partners LP announced they will extend its ethylene pipeline and logistics system further into South Texas.

Texas Oil and Gas In Expansion Mode Despite Flat Activity

This is partly due to efficiencies by Texas oil and gas producers, with daily production exceeding five million barrels for the first time. Essentially, operators are making it happen with fewer resources.

Bechtel awarded LNG Deals worth $9B+

On Tuesday, NextDecade Corporation revealed two contracts awarded to Bechtel Oil, Gas and Chemicals worth over $9 billion+. This includes engineering, procurement, and construction of in Brownsville for the Rio Grande LNG project.

Break free from 3rd party scada hosting

3rd Party Hosted SCADA – We Have a Better Solution

With no SCADA Hosting Dependency, HMI is now located and hosted in the cabinet where there is still HMI experience and operation with no need for third parties to provide service once installed.

Another Workforce Challenge

As a company we follow the law of the land and our policies carefully abide the rules set by our customers. We work hard to insure safety in the...

Not Enough People.

Our nation faces a monumental demographic problem - not enough people. Our birthrate, long below growth rate, is approaching non...

Automation and Control Systems Expert Refers Globalogix

Dan Turner, an expert in automation and control systems for 30+ years, sat down with Globalogix President, Chuck Drobny, to talk about the benefits...

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