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Oilfield Automation – We help energy companies in Oil & Gas with the design and implementation of digital oilfield control automation. See how we can optimize your current operations.

Remote Monitoring | Safety

  • Unsafe or faulty operations are detected
  • Systems/wells are shut off if needed
  • Data & Information is provided for repairs
  • Operations from the Well and Facility coordinate for safe shutdowns and restarts.


Remote Monitoring |Security

  • Immediate Detection when production is off for unexplained reasons or underproduction
  • Minimize production deferment
  • Operatives Security
  • Maximize equipment performance and lifespan


Remote Monitoring | Production Optimization

  • Detect System Bottlenecks
  • Provide Information and Data necessary to Identify/Evaluate/Justify corrective action
  • Testing for bottleneck elimination
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22 Feb 2019

3rd Party Hosted SCADA – We Have a Better Solution

With no SCADA Hosting Dependency, HMI is now located and hosted in the cabinet where there is still HMI experience and operation with no need for third parties to provide service once installed.

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11 Jul 2018

Another Workforce Challenge

As a company we follow the law of the land and our policies carefully abide the rules set by our customers. We work hard to insure safety in the workplace. We test to guard against the influence of substances that impede performance and jeopardize safety – whether alcohol, over the counter depressants, prescribed medications or[…..]

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15 Jun 2018

Not Enough People.

Our nation faces a monumental demographic problem – not enough people. Our birthrate, long below growth rate, is approaching non sustainability. Europe is already in the tank. The US is not far behind. Estimates proclaim nearly 20 million undocumented residents – who we’ve steadily marginalized as being illegals. The pathways to citizenship are ridiculously long, cumbersome[…..]

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04 Jan 2018

Automation and Control Systems Expert Refers Globalogix

Dan Turner, an expert in automation and control systems for 30+ years, sat down with Globalogix President, Chuck Drobny, to talk about the benefits of working with Globalogix: “[Globalogix is] a company that would sit down, you knew the technology, you were competent, you completed the project efficiently and the customers were happy when we[…..]

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12 Dec 2017

BLOCKCHAIN: Taking Business by Storm

In our webinar on Blockchain and its impact on business, oil & gas and SCADA, you’ll be given insight into the topic from our CEO, Chuck Drobny. He recently presented on Blockchain at the SCADA Technology Summit in Denver, and is sharing His presentation on Blockchain and how it’s changing the future of business. This[…..]