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About Your Partnership With GlobaLogix

Your needs and the obstacles you face are what our teams work to identify. Then we create, adapt, and customize solutions based on your unique business to respond to your challenges.

Our Core Values


Challenge Ideas, Not People

Disagree with what someone says rather than who they are, what position they hold, or what you think motivates them.

Be Hard-Working

Focus on the problem and keep going until a solution works. The quick and easy path rarely leads to a wise solution. We don’t give up just because it is difficult; We strive for accomplishment. 

Show Ingenuity

When traditional processes don’t seem to work, consider a different approach. Attack the problem from different angles – even those that seem unusual or never been used before. 

Be Collaborative

Seek out the opinions, expertise, and ideas of others – consider their point of view. Work together with them to find common ground.

Show Grit

Resolved & Determined to find solutions. Take pride in solving problems that no one else can solve.

Have a Servant's Heart

Always be more willing to help others rather than waiting for them to help you. 

Your Support Leadership

Chuck Drobny | CEO

Chuck Drobny | CEO

Chuck’s expertise in database system design, operations, and new product launches stems from his early career experience in the marine business. He worked with oil and gas companies to develop integrated communication systems for their offshore and marine applications. He drives the company’s quick responsiveness to customers, adapting processes to meet their needs. Building on this customer-focused approach, Chuck helped GlobaLogix achieve five-fold growth over an 18-month period, despite startup challenges and the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Before joining the GlobaLogix leadership team, Chuck honed his operational skills as chief operating officer of Boatracs. There he oversaw the implementation of communication and vessel management technology and software solutions for customers ranging from river towboats to offshore supply vessels and North Atlantic fishing boats. In a previous position, he managed engineering operations and maintenance of Ingram Barge Company’s fleet of 4,000 barges and provided engineering analysis as a Mobil Oil representative.

With experience as an adjunct professor at a nationally accredited university, Chuck joined GlobaLogix in 2006 to foster successful operations and service.

Chuck holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati

Kris Klug | CFO

Kris Klug | CFO

Kris joined the GlobaLogix team in 2017 as our CFO. He brings with him more than 15 years of experience focused in Technology & Energy. Kris began his career in working for Private Equity portfolio companies and El Paso Energy Partners, where his experience includes taking a company public and helping finance the expansion of one of the largest MLP’s. He later joined another Private Equity portfolio company as their Controller.

Following his work for the MLP and PE portfolio companies, Kris joined Tait Communications as their VP of Finance and Administration for the America’s. Tait is an international communications equipment manufacture and systems integrator. At Tait, Kris was part of the Sr. Management Team which grew revenue by 10X, through organic growth, increasing services offerings and delivery of turn-key systems. Kris facilitated Tait’s growth and efficiency gains by driving a culture of customer service, implementing new systems, building new competencies in the organization. He also lead a team which completed a strategic acquisition a company in Brazil and working in Vienna to restructuring Tait’s European operations.

After Tait and prior to joining GlobaLogix, Kris spent several years working on two Oil and Gas start-up’s. It is his entrepreneur spirit and in-depth understanding of what it takes to successfully grow businesses that made Kris a natural fit for the GlobaLogix team.

Kris is a Texas Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a BBA in Accounting from Texas State University

Shawn Lain | Director of Ops


Shawn Lain | Director of Ops

Shawn has 10+ years in Oil and Gas experience, specifically in measurement and automation systems. Shawn has been with GlobaLogix since 2008 and has worked as an Automation Tech, Field Operations Supervisor, and Operations Manager before joining the GlobaLogix sales team in 2016. He utilizes his operations experience and knowledge to work with his clients to design cost effective measurement and automation systems with the client in mind.

Shawn’s personality and knowledge have allowed him to build long term relationships with cornerstone clients, as well as building trust with new clients in the oil and gas industry.

Shawn is a graduate of Tarleton State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business.

Jennifer Flores | HR Manager

Jennifer Flores | HR Manager

Don’t tell our customers, but our employees are Jennifer’s favorite client. They are the reason she comes to work.

While she effectively promotes and supports the company’s core focus, vision and business principles; connecting with and assisting people is what makes her tick.

Funny story, long before she joined GlobaLogix, Jennifer’s friend, a staffing professional, had a candidate cancel at the last minute for their interview. Desperate to maintain a positive relationship, the friend asked Jennifer to fill-in for the middle time slot. (Jennifer had been home raising her children for 10 years and had no intentions of going back to work). So, Jennifer quickly pulled an outfit together, made it on time and had a good brainstorming session with the hiring manager; they needed help.

The friend called later the same day, rattled, saying that they wanted to offer Jennifer the part-time HR Admin position! What to do? Well, Jennifer knew she could get them organized, probably raise the morale and possibly reduce some costs to boot. So why not? Fast forward a few years later when she stepped-up as the interim HR Manager that ended up lasting for 5 years.

This experience offered her clarity that making a positive difference for employees is her forte and is the best way for her to serve an organization.  

Jennifer joined GlobaLogix in 2011 and established the HR Department. She proved the ability to develop and implement strategic and operational processes, manage the complete employee life-cycle, and administer the benefits programs all while staying compliant with HR law. In addition, she manages the travel coordination department and the recruiting department; freeing the company of recruiting firm fees.  She provides extensive support to the finance and operations departments, spearheaded charitable initiatives, and designed both the Houston and Pecos office locations. Jennifer may not know how to program an HMI or design a control system, but she knows how to create effective relationships that are core to the GlobaLogix culture; of that she is most proud.

She nestled herself right into the center of this organization where she can best support everyone in it. Her nature makes it easy to offer a comfortable, welcoming, satisfying work environment for everyone working in and with our organization.

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