Oilfield Automation Systems

GlobaLogix is uniquely positioned to deliver on the promises of the Digital Oilfield.

Unlike traditional IT consulting firms, GlobaLogix brings expertise at the field infrastructure level as the foundation for the design and implementation of your Digital Oilfield vision.

We have assisted firms ranging from small, private operators to national & major oil companies. We have worked in North America and around the globe helping clients get the business intelligence they need now to meet tomorrow’s production challenges.

Digital Oilfield Control Automation

In a continuous pursuit of a more digital oilfield, we have a partnership with clients to achieve these goals:

  • Increased Oil & Gas Production
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Optimized Operations

GlobaLogix improves clients’ operations in four ways:

  • Automated Workflow for Field Producing Assets and at the Corporate Level
  • Process Alignment & Optimization at Field Assets and Corporate Levels
  • Master Data Management To Improve Data Quality and Ensure Governance
  • Collaborative Environment To Improve Cooperation and Decision Making

We help energy companies address a host of industry issues including:

  • Executive dashboards enabling “at-a-glance” views of key performance metrics
  • Real-time data collection and hydrocarbon allocation
  • Mitigating the impact of the declining and aging workforce
  • Reducing human interaction in maintenance and production data
  • Field surveys supporting merger & acquisition transactions — due diligence related to an asset’s hardware and communications infrastructure.

For Case Study, go to Oil & Gas Case Study

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