Agricultural Automation

Agricultural Automation

Enhancing Legacy Equipment Control Industrial Automation

GlobaLogix is the rare exception in the industry by offering an engineered approach that offers a bundled or unbundled operational design. Our agricultural processing customers use us to connect their legacy systems and upgrade their control systems to create state of the art systems.

Because of increased regulation and the drive toward reduced headcounts, the future of agricultural processing and animal nutrition demand more monitoring, control and automation. Mechanical and electrical firms do not design and engineer older and disparate legacy systems to work with new technology and new regulations. We understand that nobody wants to replace older yet perfectly functional equipment just to make it fit into an upgraded process environment.

The industry is served by a confusion of local and regional vendors – few if perhaps any can engineer the retrofits, design and install the end product. We can and we do. We inspect, we observe, we study and really listen to what the people in the plant are saying and those in the office require. We offer phased approaches to upgrading your plant in a short time frame- keeping your plant producing, your downtime low, and your profits coming in.

industrial automation

Legacy Equipment Control Automation

We have a partnership with clients to achieve these goals:

  • Increased Animal Feed Production
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Eliminate Waste

GlobaLogix gives you solutions to upgrade your legacy systems:

  • A Phased Approach to Upgrade Your Plant
  • A Site Survey to Determine How Your Operation Works
  • In-House Training on How the System Works
  • We Stay to Ensure Your Plant Is Operating Successfully

We help food processing companies address a myriad of industry issues including:

  • Replacing Legacy Equipment with New Technology
  • Real-time data collection
  • Mitigating the impact of an aging legacy system
  • Understanding What Is Going On In Your Plant by Listening to What Your People Need
  • Electrical Mechanical Controls

Want a legacy of streamlined efficiency?

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