"From rats nest to control system."


"We stuck around and
made sure it worked."


"Worried yours doesn't work?"


"Worried about being violated?"


"Cheating on your standards?"


"SCADA - The definition of insanity."

Jeff Scace, Vice President of Business Development – Optimas Manufacturing Solutions

Globalogix Provides a Competitive Advantage

In today’s economic climate efficiency is everything. Budgets must be kept and resources are precious. In order to succeed, our clients must be able to run at peak performance levels within the constraints of their business.

“Globalogix was the right choice for our company, and because of our work with them, we are experiencing a level of success we thought unachievable. For automated control systems and information based solutions, there is no better company out there than Globalogix.”



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13 Mar 2017

SCADA, IOT and the Cloud

SCADA must rely on the Cloud to accomplish the Internet of Things. Legacy SCADA systems are a cornucopia of varied protocols, operating systems, software versions and hardware capabilities. Few communicate seamlessly with each other. A lot of older ones barely talk to themselves. Over the years, they have gotten much better. However, successive modernization of[…..]

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27 Feb 2017

Forget Minimum Wage – What’s Coming Is a Lot Bigger

Don’t mistake the current surge toward elevating minimum wages as the big issue for business and the greatest impact on the economy. It’s pennies compared to the new rules that legally exempt employees from wage and hour rules. Most salaried employees are improperly classified. Seriously, check the rules, if you’re salaried. Do you really qualify?[…..]

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13 Feb 2017

Isn’t It About Time?

There are two waves of technological change crashing down upon us all – the Cloud and the Internet of Things [IOT]. They have been more like a rising tide – existent for a while and gaining height every year. As a rising tide it was easy to dismiss them as risky and uncertain – things[…..]

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30 Jan 2017

The Dirty Secret Behind Efficiency

That’s apple pie. This labels a word or expression that everyone will erroneously accept as common and at the very core of our professional existence. Everyone will agree that efficiency is good. Who won’t accept a slice of apple pie? Efficiency is overused, uncommonly understood and practically meaningless in most engineering and corporate discourse. Every[…..]

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16 Jan 2017

The Internet of Things is a Long Way Off

We’re a long way away from achieving the goals, dreams and fantasies of the Internet of Things in the production oil patch. It’s not because of the lack of imagination or technology. The sensors and their collection/aggregation systems are not capable of providing the wealth of data needed for IoT to deliver. Upstream and downstream[…..]