There are no two identical SCADA Systems. Period. 

Advancements in intelligent instrumentation and remote terminal units/programmable logic controllers have made the process-control solutions in many industries to be managed and operated by using the benefits of SCADA systems. But the idea that SCADA Systems are mostly the same is a dangerous misconception.

First, there’s distances into the oil field. One well can be one mile off the road, the next could be fifteen. That alone makes the travel time different, thus a singular price cannot be fixed to all. Same thing is true with industrial add-ons like the SCADA systems GlobaLogix designs, assembles, installs, configures, and commissions.

Then, there’s differences in layouts of wells, tanks, pipes, walkways, gensets, and compressors – Each site with different wire ways and tubing paths with different lengths, bends, overs and unders. In addition, there is workflow of numerous techs doing installations of various components. Work my overlap or impede the way of others causing issues or setbacks.

Companies understand the complex nature of planning for a successful SCADA System and the issues with an underperforming, or poorly planned, one. Finding a partner that can mold and customize a system to fit specific needs.

Partnerships that can reach your goals for your SCADA Systems.

Additionally, acquiring a partner that can manage the project, proactively identify issues, correct situations before problems arise, and have experience with various systems, software, and tools, all while charging a fair rate for time and material → this is the ultimate goal.

You get what you pay for. This statement is true. So, if you understand how different your SCADA system may be, then you may be able to avoid the costly mistake others make by assuming that all SCADA systems are not quite the same.

Either you want the entire pie → from start to finish OR you might want just a piece to be a supplement to your current teams. Whatever the case may be, a partnership with GlobaLogix, Inc can provide the experience and understanding to fit your unique need.


See how GlobaLogix can help you with your SCADA System’s unique needs. 

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