Out in the Permian truck drivers are in short supply and high demand. There is so much vehicular traffic that roads and bridges are crumbling. Accidents occur daily. Drivers get horribly injured or killed. Valuable equipment is lost to damage. 

The radical change in the Frac Sand supply chain is a brilliant solution; and it’s akin to SCADA. 

Frac sand delivered in Frac Sand Boxes has reduced the number of vehicles on the road. It has slashed costs and driver demand. Instead of remaining on site for the sand in the trailers to be used, drivers use flatbeds to deliver Sand Boxes to site where they are stacked. Drivers backhaul empties making quick turnarounds.

The result is fewer drivers, fewer truck hauls and safer roads. 

SCADA does the same. 

SCADA enables operators to remotely monitor and control wells, tanks and connectors. With SCADA there’s no need to dispatch pumpers to hundreds of sites daily. Dispatchers can optimally schedule tankers to empty tank batteries just before they fill. No more partially filled truck trips results in fewer hauls, trucks on the road and safer roads.  

SCADA lets operators know what might be wrong on site so that technicians are better equipped with tools and replacement parts. That’s far fewer return trips, trucks on the road and safer roads. 

Interesting how an innovation in delivering sand is as innovative and creative as automating facilities to slash operating costs and promote safety.