Oil and gas (among other production-based industries) have high physical and mental demands that take a toll on employees and contractors.

Health and safety hazards and dangerous conditions continue to be a primary focus. Companies, contractors, and vendors are actively introducing ways to reduce risk and achieve the highest level of occupational safety for both their employees as well as for the protection of their clients.

Vendors and partnerships that ignore or are ignorant to the safety demands see the consequences of legal, economical, and moral ramifications. Companies looking for partnershiops do not ignore this, thus rejecting or canceling contracts amidst mediocre or inadequate safety records.

Leading cause of accidents and worker fatalities (As stated by the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries):
  1. Vehicle Collisions
  2. Struck by/caught in/caught between machinery
  3. Explosions and fire
  4. Falls
  5. Confined spaces
  6. Chemical exposures
Continual education on safety protocols and standards could be the difference between getting or losing a contract.

The record of safety can be just as important as the product being purchased when companies are considering a bid or partnership.

Chuck Drobny, CEO of GlobaLogix – “Working safely is every bit as important as delivering a quality product.”

One of the leading causes of worker fatalities in the oil and gas industry is vehicle collisions (taking in just over 40% of the of incidents in the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries). Highway and driving dangers should be at the top of the list when looking to implement new or additional safety training. Vendors can sometimes overlook the importance of the topic, not understanding the skyrocketing insurance consequences or the loss of contracts due to incidences on the road.

“The most dangerous part of our job is driving on the highways and range roads; thus, our driving safety policy prohibits use of cellphones to talk or text while driving is underway,” stated Chuck Drobny, CEO of GlobaLogix. “We receive and distribute weekly safety bulletins that cover a wide variety of relevant safety topics. By reading how others have failed to protect their employees, we are sharper in our vigilance to be on the lookout for dangers and take action to avoid any incident.”

Risk and price are the number one reason for a declined contract. Companies want to partner with groups that show that their partners’ endeavors align with their philosophy – And safety is in high demand.

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