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Automation Engineering, Construction, and Professional Solutions 

Electrical Engineering

GlobaLogix has the expertise in automation solutions that are backed by decades of experience leading projects in: Developing, Documentation, Design, Programming, I&E, Installation, Commissioning, and Safety.

  • Electrical Design
  • PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) – such as Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Siemens, GE, and more, RTU (Remote Terminal Units) (SCADA System Communication) with HMIs (Human-Machine Interface), Sensors, and other end devices.
  • HMI (Rockwell Automation, Onspec, Allen-Bradley, Wonderware, Emation, Red Lion, Siemens, Indusoft, Intellution, Automation Direct, SCADA Guard, and more)
  • PLC/RTU/HMI (SCADA System Components)- Design, Programming, Installation, Commissioning
  • Communication Infrastructure
  • Legacy Equipment Integration
  • Process Improvement
  • Database Development
  • Architecture Development from First Generation to IiOT (Internet of Things)
  • Security
  • Data Acquisition
  • All levels of supervisory operations – from field devices (flow and temperature sensors, control elements), input/output (I/O) models in electronic processors, custom reporting, automated reports, remote access, control room design, controls and monitoring for production and targets.

SCADA Systems

GlobaLogix’s experience with plant and telemetry based SCADA Systems: any range of complexity and every form of remote communications and operations.

  • PLCs – Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, ABB, GE and more.
  • RTUs – SCADAPack, ROC, Totalflow, and more.
  • HMI (Desktop and Panel) – Rockwell, Wonderware, PanelView, Maple Systems, and more.
  • I&E Devices and Design
  • Communication Systems
  • SCADA Systems – CygNet, Wonderware, and more.
  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED) – Technical specification writing, AutoCAD Drafting & Documentation, and More.

Whether it is DCS/PLC/RTU/HMI/SIS Design, SCADA System Needs, Testing, Installation, Evaluation, Integration, or other services – Our Turnkey Solutions are designed with proven excellence. Get in touch with us to see how our complete, comprehensive, and centralized solutions are built with you in mind.

Instrumentation and Control

GlobaLogix’s expertise in powerful instrumentation and control design can help even the most sophisticated and complex control processes.

  • Modernize current systems
  • State-of-the-art PLC/HMI Software knowledge
  • Understanding latest products and better solutions when designing sub-plan layouts and enclosure layouts 
  • Sophisticated Software Standards, Project Management Standards, and Design Standards for the best solution for our clients
  • Vast understanding of needs and issues no matter how complex
  • Intricate Documentation Controls
  • Everything in your hands from Doc. Registrer to project processes (Bid process, kickoff material, engineering, B.O.M., resources, schedule, deliverables, and more), PLC/HMI/Databases/Security/Licenses/Support Services to Time Management and Tracking. 

Communications and Networking

GlobaLogix has vast experience in nearly every form of communications that are feasible for our clients and provide professional design and development for long-term solutions.

  • LAN/WAN Systems
  • Radio – Serial, Ethernet
  • Satellite Systems
  • WiFi/WiMax
  • Design
  • Evaluate
  • Install
  • PLC
  • HMI

Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

With GlobaLoix Cloud Based Services, you can take supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to a new era.

  • Enablement
  • Platform ID’s
  • Integration
  • Cloud Based Services
  • Data Aggregation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Value Increase
  • New Business Model Enablement

Panel Fabrication

GlobaLogix has expert Custom Panel Fabrication Solutions as a key part to control system integration.

  • Custom Electrical Panels engineered to strict specifications based off designs and AutoCAD Documentation
  • Testing
  • Integration of PLC 
  • Control Panels designed with the highest standards, reliability, and safety.
  • Panel Fabrication and development with fast turn around, turnkey material, assembly, and wiring.
  • Operator Friendly Designs

FEED Study

GlobaLogix experts perform increasingly complex studies in this critical phase of development of larger projects that are unique in scale, technology, or configuration.

We have performed feasibility studies so you can have the accuracy needed for engineering, procurement, and construction. As a single solutions provider with vast, relevant automation experience, we understand the need for specific technical detail, accurate project costs, and grasping your respective goals. 

  • Determine project’s usability/feasibility
  • cost effectiveness
  • long-term operational ability
  • safety
  • Accurate projections for EPC even where plant cost and performance information is unavailable. 

Field Services | Support

GlobaLogix has Field Services Operations for hands-on project management with experts in various systems, hardware, software, instrumentation, and equipment.

  • All Levels of Electrical Construction Expertise
  • Testing & Calibration -Specialty areas include (but not limited to):
    • ROC, TotalFlow, SCADAPack, Thermo Scientific, and More
  • Installations
  • I&E Design
  • Commissioning & Start-up
  • Panel Fabrication
  • Electrical Servicing
  • Wired and/or wireless instrumentation
  • Field Troubleshooting
  • Ground Systems Installation
  • Meters
  • Project Management
  • Communication Systems

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Cross Industry Capability

GlobaLogix has proven capabilities across multiple industries. We take pride in not limiting ourselves with our knowledge in technology, hardware, or software.






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