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Drone technology has come alive nearly overnight. If you want a paradigm shifting view of how fast, controllable and video capable these new tools can be, watch this:

It’s a quick leap to realize that when applied to commercial use for inspection, observation and close up analysis – these tools will be transformational.

How will they be used? Where? For what?

Don’t know that yet simply because organizations have not jumped in with both feet.

The imagined, envisioned and anticipated uses are obvious. But how they will impact organizations simply cannot be planned, forecast and predicted.

Why is that? Well because transformational technology has to be implemented so that complex organizations in changing environments have to find their way to use new stuff.

We all knew that hand held phones would be embraced and change things. But, who planned from the get-go, up front what we’d have today. Nobody I know predicted just how we’d integrate smartphones into our lives, homes and businesses.

But every time something new, really cool, and totally paradigm shifting comes along, the big thinkers scream one thing and the meticulous planners whisper another. The former argues for immediate use. They say put it out there. Use it. Let the organization adjust. Give others opportunity to see how it can work for their part of the business.

The planners and the purchase agents build up use cases, fill up spreadsheets and consider the potential cost benefits, blah, blah, blah.

Drones will impact if they are not kept bottled up, waiting for the optimum use case that’s carefully programmed and predicted.

The faster companies put drones to use the further ahead they will be. These devices can cover more ground, communicate massive data streams, inspect impossible to reach spaces and monitor remote facilities. TODAY.

That video might look like an animation or a Hollywood creation. Well it’s not. These tools are here now. Are you ready?

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