With the potential of being some of the most hazardous work environments, production-based industries, such as Oil and Gas, keep safety as one of the highest priorities. Power equipment, flammable chemicals, and more can lead to halts in production, long-term injuries, and deadly incidents. Industry leaders are constantly looking for partnerships that effectively identify and communicate those risks and follow practices to ensure those hazards are handled safely.

GlobaLogix has embraces their clients’ safety standards and regulations. Chuck Drobny, CEO, answers how his employees stay vigilant in their policies and trainings that led to GlobaLogix’s impeccable safety record.

“At GlobaLogix, The President and CEO is the Safety Officer. That’s because Safety is not a delegated task but integral to the overall management of the company.” – Chuck Drobny, CEO of GlobaLogix.

GlobaLogix adheres the expression “SAFETY IS THE JOB”. Our customers expect and require us to employ safe practices as part of the products and services we deliver. Key managers are SafeLand qualified in addition to The Safety Officer being a certified SafeLand Instructor.

“We are on the clock for daily JSA’s, safety stand downs, stop work events, near miss discussions, and a host of other safety related on the job activities. Working safely is every bit as important as delivering a quality product.” – Chuck Drobny, CEO of GlobaLogix.

GlobaLogix is an enrolled and actively participating subscriber to ISNetWorld and PEC Safety. These sites enable them to stay current and certified with the latest changes and updates in safety that are specific to their customers. Every employee has “Stop Work Authority” regardless of their seniority or position (meaning they can call a stop any time they see a safety threat or condition that might create danger or hazard).

GlobaLogix adheres the expression “SAFETY IS THE JOB”.

GlobaLogix recognizes that the most dangerous part of our job is driving on the highways and range roads, thus their driving policy prohibits use of cellphones to text or talk while driving is underway. Employees take advantage of online driver safety courses that reinforce the dangerous conditions in everyday driving. Whenever a safety incident occurs, either on site or in a vehicle, no matter how rare, all participants and vehicle occupants are drug and alcohol tested. Vehicle accidents are reviewed by management and presented in detail to the employees describing the situation and how it might have been avoided.

“…The Most Dangerous Part Of Our Job Is Driving On The Highways and Range Roads, Thus Our Driving Safety Policy Prohibits Use Of Cellphones To Text Or Talk While Driving Is Underway”


Before work even begins, we make it essential to educate our staff so that safety operations remain optimal. “We receive and distribute weekly safety bulletin that covers a wide variety of relevant safety topics. By reading about how other companies have failed to protect employees, we are sharper in our vigilance to be on the lookout for dangers and take action to avoid any incident.”

GlobaLogix embraces our clients’ safety guidelines and standards while ensuring employee attentiveness toward any potential risk. Understanding our clients’ concerns about safety’s effect on their company, we know the best way to succeed is to make sure our clients succeed. And safety will always be of the utmost importance.

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