Global Engineered Projects


Southeastern Queensland

Queensland Gas Co. chose GlobaLogix to develop an operations philosophy based specifically on our remote monitoring approach. We developed the specs and managed the bid process for an award for AU$7,000,000. in Gas Compression. GlobaLogix developed the operations and maintenance plan for the field and is now beginning negotiations on QGC’s behalf for a long term contract for O & M. We commissioned the monitoring system from the infield screw site through to the sales point. We were monitoring over 850 data points, 85 screens and set up 34 users. We provided critical data as actionable information and played an instrumental role with this operation in migrating their operation to a full OSIsoft PI implementation after original commissioning.


Los Angeles

OXY chose GlobaLogix to upgraded and standardized their HMI’s using Iconics software.


Meeker, Colorado

Bass Enterprises Production Co operates an Amine Gas Plant near Meeker Colorado. This site handles locally produced gas from their field. There are plans for as many as 300 wells to be drilled.

GlobaLogix has installed a data capture and management system to monitor the operation of the gas plant and local wells. Well site monitoring of each well site will include the liquid storage tank batteries. The contract included installation of all the communication hardware and providing an on-going service to deliver their field operating data via a secure Web site. This included alarm and call out services 24/7 as well.

GlobaLogix has installed a communication Local Area Network using WiFi technology at the Plant Site. This included a VSat dish and modem for Internet access for the plant operators to allow them to monitor the wells as well as sending data on the plant production to Bass’ operations management in Denver and Fort Worth Texas.

Gulf of Mexico

Noble Energy’s Lorian field has 7 wells adjacent to the Shell Bullwinkle platform in the Gulf of Mexico (Green Canyon block 65). These wells are produced by installing sub-sea flow lines connecting through the risers to production facilities on board the Bullwinkle platform. GlobaLogix provided a stand alone satellite monitoring system to deliver information produced by the downhole gauges, separators and EFMs, to deliver real time operations information.

Noble requested that GlobaLogix host the information on our servers, making it available to their contract reservoir engineers for immediate analysis and further historical reference.

Gulf of Mexico

Schlumberger engaged GlobaLogix to handle data communication infrastructure work on the Constellation and Gunnison platforms, designing and assembling a data routing device (named LogicBox) to aggregate data and manage transmission.


Northwestern Louisiana

Shell Magnolia: GlobaLogix provided the controls and automation for the first two wells in a new field in Northwestern Louisiana that has the potential to grow into Shell’s largest producing area in a few years.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Extex operates properties in South Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and East Texas. Their Good Hope Field is near New Orleans and is comprised of two older existing oil fields formerly owned by Shell and Exxon. GlobaLogix was awarded a project to install remote monitoring end devices and a LAN to capture the operating data and display it on a Web site. GlobaLogix provided system design, engineering and field installation of local controls, PLC and the end devices, and set up the LAN to capture data. We are now providing web hosting of the data for Extex.


Reynosa, Mexico

GlobaLogix recently provided engineering and field services to Vetramex near Reynosa, Mexico that resolved a long running problem with a PLC and serial radio system. GlobaLogix fixed a remote monitoring system that had been down for over three months. As a result we have been asked to provide training and consulting to Vetra in the area. We have also been in discussions with Repsol on how we can support their services to Pemex.

New Jersey

P66 chose GlobaLogix to solve a communications problem and upgrade the alarm system at their terminal facility in Northern New Jersey. Upon arrival the GlobaLogix engineer, working closely with the local service provider of record for the P66 facility, engineered and designed a solution utilizing an improved PLC to integrate with P66’s existing communications network.

New Mexico

Artesia, NM to Cushing, OK, Texas and Oklahoma

OXY acquired the Centurion Pipeline, a crude oil pipeline running from Artesia, NM to Cushing, OK. The original scope of work has expanded considerably to now encompass over 50 different locations, each requiring multiple new panels and PLCs. Oxy continues to demonstrate satisfaction with our efforts by expanding the size of the project to include new stations. We are currently installing panels that have been fabricated in our Fairfield facility.

North Dakota

OXY chose GlobaLogix to design, fabricate and install control system panels for newly constructed tank battery monitoring and salt water disposal sites.


OXY chose GlobaLogix to provide Iconics HMI screen design and database integration for their SCADA on producing properties in Oman. This long term design, development and implementation was closely coordinated with Oxy’s engineering staff in Houston and performed locally with a GlobaLogix engineer on the ground in Oman.


Williams chose GlobaLogix to design, install, program and commission the controls for several new compressor stations delivering new gas from the Marcellus play. The GlobaLogix team included PA based GlobaLogix field technicians along with Houston based designers, programmers and engineers.


Barnett Shale

GlobaLogix completed over 500 well site field installations of EOG Resources’ CygNet data acquisition and is monitoring network located throughout the Barnett Shale. At each site GLX I&E technicians completed the turnkey installation of ROC 800 controllers, interface controllers, pneumatic controls, tank level gauges, temperature sensors, pressure transducers, valve controllers, wireless wellhead controllers, SCADA components, radio towers, power regulators and solar panels. GLX staged, installed, wired, connected and verified one, two or three well sites each day with minimal loss of production time.

Bay City Area

GlobaLogix is providing a SCADA system, HMI development, panel fabrication and PLC programming for a 300 MMSCFD cryogenic plant expansion in Williams’ Markham facility. We are also redesigning its current SCADA HMI screens for the original 200 MMSCFD train.

Freestone County (Fairfield)

GlobaLogix provides Marathon with a full time team of I&E technicians to maintain their H2S monitoring equipment over all of their sour wells in East Texas. In providing this and other mechanical and pneumatic services GLX is fully integrated into Marathon’s computerized preventive maintenance program.

Fort Worth

Pioneer Resources chose GlobaLogix to complete a large scale radio network project in the Barnett Shale area to repair and expand a current system and integrate the data into their company-wide SCADA systems. This project covered 84 well sites and the monitoring of an additional 39 compressor installations.


Shell PI: GlobaLogix provided custom report generation and system updates for Shell’s PI system.

Between Marques, TX and Tyler, TX

Enbridge engaged GlobaLogix to mount antennas on fifteen 350’ to 450’ towers sites between Marques, TX and Tyler, TX. This project will expand to include the installation of radios at over 300 well sites.

South Texas

Shell engaged GlobaLogix to replace obsolete PLCs, install a radio communication network and upgrade its SCADA system.


Western Wyoming

Shell Pinedale Anticline: GlobaLogix is involved in several initiatives surrounding Shell’s field PLCs and SCADA systems for wellhead and water management systems.

Western Wyoming

Jacobs Engineers is involved in a large scale water handling project in the Jonah Field in Western Wyoming. Jacobs selected GlobaLogix to provide data architecture, SCADA programming and HMI development, working directly for Shell as part of Jacob’s team.


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