Electrical Engineers are highly sought in the energy market due to the shrinking numbers of skilled workers. As Automation, Integrations, SCADA, IOT (Internet of Things), and Controls becomes more advanced, the need for skilled Electrical Engineers keeps rising.

From Programming and Testing to Project Management, these top 9 jobs (and honorable mentions) are in the highest demand.

Top 9 Jobs for Electrical Engineers in a Growing Energy Industry

One: Programmer

Two: Electrical Engineer

Three: Automation Engineer

Four: Industrial Controls Engineer

Five: Test & Integration Engineer

Six: Systems Engineer

Seven: Electrical Design Engineer

Eight: Network Design Engineer

Nine: Applications Engineer

Honorable Mention: Field Services

Project Manager

Field Test Engineer

Journeyman/Master Electricians

Electrical Engineers is projected to grow an overall 7% from 2016 to 2026 – faster than the average for other occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Those that learn and have applicable knowledge of niche and proprietary systems will be in even more demand in the next coming years.

Increases in services companies, such as systems integration/construction/energy, will drive even more demand for electricians and electrical engineers. Newly developed technology and legacy system upgrading as advancements come will be in need of those that can understand, program, design, develop, test, install, and perform continual maintenance to drive production.


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