Replacing a (PLC) Programmable Logic Control System

The New (PLC) Legacy.

“Animal feeds play a leading role in the global food industry; and is the largest and most important component to ensuring safe, abundant and affordable animal proteins,” so says the International Feed Industry Federation. The IFIF believes that in the feed industry, it is vital that clear standards apply throughout the whole feed chain.

Legacy systems in some of these mills were wired as long as 50 years ago. Enter JB, the plant manager of a regional pellet mill in Central Texas.

JB needed to have a programmable logic control system that provided clear controls over the entire process while reducing the risk of unexplained shutdowns. GlobaLogix conducted a thorough site survey and drew up detailed plans to install a new programmable logic control system.

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The challenge was to switch over to the new system during a scheduled five-day maintenance window.

Under the watchful eyes of JB and his team, the GlobaLogix crew, including designers, programmers and electricians, installed, commissioned and had the start-up completed – on time – and within the 72 hour window allowed.

We weren’t done yet. “We waited, watched and monitored for four more days to make sure that it, in fact, did work.” Then to finish it, GlobaLogix gave JB everything, including drawings, schematics and plans, so that he understood how it all worked.

Now, JB has renewed confidence in his equipment and rests assured.

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