Our Industrial Automation Services

GlobaLogix Inc. is an expert in SCADA system designs, I&E construction, network design, system, controls, and electrical engineering, PLC integration, PLC programming, and communication network services.

We provide Engineering Consultancy Services which include: independent evaluations and recommendations for system designs at the wellhead, through the pipeline, to the control room and beyond. We also provide oversight of I&E equipment installation, commissioning and on-going support services to our clients.

GlobaLogix turns data into actionable information. Starting with data measurement and collection at the production site, taking it through PLCs and RTUs over a secure communications network and SCADA system and into your corporate back office software for analysis.

This progressive system of integration means you get a tailor-made solution that takes your entire data path into consideration. Our involvement in each stage of the data path creates a more secure system against cyber threats. Our respect for the importance of your data results in a usable system with clear benefits for field operators, managers, decision makers and anywhere in between.

GlobaLogix provides engineering and technical services along the “Complete Data Path”.

Data Collection & Management

GlobaLogix adds years of industry experience and collective intelligence to these smart devices by designing, programming and building systems that incorporate each device for its best use.

PLC & Remote Terminal Unit

GlobaLogix provides the design, engineering, material procurement, fabrication, integration, installation and programming of local PLC and RTU panels.


Our integrated team of designers, field technicians, and certified tower personnel has the expertise to consider these factors when creating your customized solutions.


GlobaLogix provides engineering and design, software and hardware procurement, installation and system programming for SCADA systems — including customized screen development (HMI) and customized report generation.

HazMon – Hazard Monitoring Systems

Get in compliance with FSMA laws today, by upgrading or installing a HAZARD Monitoring System. Let GlobaLogix be the company to help you, with our Hazard Monitoring System HazMon.

Corporate Connectivity

Through our knowledge of the “complete data path”, we can help determine the requirements within the corporate office environment, and what reporting functions are fundamental to progressing your business.

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