SCADA – Security

GlobaLogix offers customized security system design based on field surveys.

Our Services Include:

  • Hardware Specification
  • Software – GlobaLogix is the exclusive provider of self-learning video analytics
  • Server Designs Specifically for Oil & Gas Installations
  • Video Equipment
  • Installation & Training
  • Customized Integration into Existing SCADA Systems
  • Additional Physical Security Instrumentation
  • Maintenance and Support
  • GlobaLogix is committed to helping you protect your Personnel, Assets, Production, and Reputation

How it protects:

Personnel – If you have a site where unauthorized personnel have either entered the location or are preparing to climb your fences, the video surveillance will send your field operations managers an alert with a video clip. This tells them something is happening at their sites before they dispatch an operator. There is no longer the danger of sending your people into harm’s way. A recent event in the Rincon Peninsula near McAllen had gunfire exchanges from across the border pinning down a border patrol near a wellsite. Is this the kind of event you want your field operator “stumbling into”? If that site had been equipped with this system an email with a video clip would have alerted the field operations managers responsible for the area that hazardous activity was under way.

Assets – With an increased potential for unauthorized personnel gaining access to your production facilities, well sites, tank batteries and meter stations comes the risk of inadvertent tampering with the equipment at the location. A worse case scenario would be vandalism by the unauthorized personnel. In any event where unauthorized personnel gain access to your surface equipment locations the system will provide an immediate alert with a visual image of what is happening. This allows for a faster response such as remote ESD activation by your SCADA system if warranted.

Production – In any event involving unauthorized personnel on your sites, the potential for site shutdowns and lost production exists. Having eyes on the event allows for proper response by your operation personnel and any reduction in production is controlled and minimized.

Reputation – A very real result of any newsworthy event at a company site is “Bad Press”. A loss of reputation can impact share pricing. The market reacts differently to a company who has taken adequate steps to control events and mitigate risk.

For Case Study, go to Security Case Study

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