Meet Chuck

Meet Chuck.

Chuck is the President of GlobaLogix – a control and automation engineering firm, delivering information-based solutions to production based industries like Oil & Gas and Agricultural Feed Processing. With a range of business experience from engineer for a Fortune 50 to entrepreneur, Chuck’s leadership and management style also reflect his West Point and Army background. It’s that adaptive and bold approach that has kept the company growing steadily since 2006.

Chuck has expertise in database system design and operations from his experience in the marine industry.

Working with Oil & Gas companies to develop integrated communication systems for their offshore and marine applications, he is able to really understand what clients need to create a customized solution for any challenge.

Under Chuck, GlobaLogix offers a different kind of approach. GlobaLogix embraces as much or as little of the problem that a customer wants handled. After the solution is in place, it gets turned over to the customer so they understand what was done. And even after that, GlobaLogix stays until the solution is proven to work. GlobaLogix listens and learns what their customer has and then asks questions to discover what they might want. This minimizes problems and gives the customer a comfortable ownership of their improved systems.

With Chuck’s experience, GlobaLogix has continued to grow and evolve. Call him today to find out how GlobaLogix can help your company. He’s happy to talk anytime!

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