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Our solutions are created in your field, for your field.

GlobaLogix is a control and automation engineering and construction firm, delivering information based solutions to the Oil & Gas, Agricultural, and other production-based industries. Our ‘complete data path’ approach to remote monitoring and SCADA is backed by years of experience. We are pioneers in offering SCADA, on a Cloud platform.

Our teams will work with you to identify your needs and the obstacles you face, and then create a customized solution to respond to each of your challenges.

Of primary interest, GlobaLogix helps a range of energy clients, including independents, majors, and national oil companies overcome the challenges of a dwindling workforce, shrinking budgets, and more complex fields. We provide integrated Smart devices and intelligent design into their field operations.

Our unique business model allows us to deliver a complete spectrum of service that follows your Complete Data Path — from the data collected at the site to the morning report run by your CFO at the home office.


Our Leadership Team

The management team at GlobaLogix holds more than 100 years of collective experience in energy and other industries. This perspective and expertise gives us unmatched insight into your challenges and has been instrumental in the success we bring our customers.

Charles Drobny Jr., President, CEO, and Board Member

Chuck’s expertise in database system design, operations, and new product launches stems from his early career experience in the marine business. He worked with oil and gas companies to develop integrated communication systems for their offshore and marine applications. He drives the company’s quick responsiveness to customers, adapting processes to meet their needs. Building on this customer-focused approach, Chuck helped GlobaLogix achieve five-fold growth over an 18-month period, despite startup challenges and the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.

Before joining the GlobaLogix leadership team, Chuck honed his operational skills as chief operating officer of Boatracs. There he oversaw the implementation of communication and vessel management technology and software solutions for customers ranging from river towboats to offshore supply vessels and North Atlantic fishing boats. In a previous position, he managed engineering operations and maintenance of Ingram Barge Company’s fleet of 4,000 barges and provided engineering analysis as a Mobil Oil representative. With experience as an adjunct professor at a nationally accredited university, Chuck joined GlobaLogix in 2006 to foster successful operations and service.

Chuck holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and a Master’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Cincinnati.

Dan Hahn, Director of Energy Sales

Dan-12-1Dan has 36 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Electric Power Generation, and Agriculture industries. Dan led the discussion while at Lynn McGuffy Company and McGuffy Systems to start manufacturing intake air filtration and intake and exhaust silencing systems. In his tenure with McGuffy Systems Dan held the position of General Manager of Legacy Systems and Gas and Steam Turbine Applications and with McGuffy Company Vice President of Sales.

Automation and Control experience came from being the Sales Manager at Advanced Controls and Engineering Services which provided programming, instrumentation, and controls for natural gas pipelines, compressor stations, and gas processing facilities. Joining Enginuity, LLC as National Corporate Sales and acting as the internal Enginuity Customer Advocate for natural gas pipeline companies, Dan was part of the team that brought Clean Burn Technology to existing natural gas fired engine/compressor units to comply with Federal, State, and Local exhaust emission requirements.

Joining GlobaLogix, Inc. in 2007, Dan has helped lead GlobaLogix into expanding its vision and presence into industries such as Agriculture and Petrochemical. GlobaLogix ability to listen to our clients and provide creative solutions to their operational requirements is what drives success into the future.

Dan is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and Political Science.

Robert Burkhardt, Vice President of Accounting & Finance

robert-burkhardt-vice-presidentRobert has been instrumental in the success and recent extreme growth at GlobaLogix. He joined the company in 2007 as controller and assumed the Chief Financial Officer role in May 2009. Robert ensures the company’s’ profitability by drawing on more than 30 years of experience in accounting and management, including CFO positions with both a metal distribution firm and a manufacturing group.

Robert’s expertise includes various public accounting firms after completing his term of service in the United States Air Force in 1973.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, with a focus on accountancy, from Memphis State University.

Jake Eckert, Director of Sales and Marketing


Jake has over 13 years of experience in operational and sales roles in multiple professional industries. His background in both sales and operations allows for a seamless transition with our clients through the entire life cycle of a project.

Jake understands that communication is the backbone of the organization and ensures not only that the sales team works well together, but they are working as one team with the rest of the company.

As sales and marketing director, he brings leadership, team building, customer service, conflict management, operations management support, and Swagger to GlobaLogix. Jake handles the day-to-day sales and marketing tasks and is integral in achieving the goals of the organization’s strategy.

Jake has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and is a current student in the Executive MBA program at Texas A&M University. He is also a combat veteran and bronze star recipient.

Horacio Tinoco, Director of Operations and Engineering

horacio-tinoco-technology-directorHoracio leads all Project Execution Teams for GlobaLogix. He is our primary designer for project technology approaches, data architectures, programming, designing and fabricating. He is an integral part of our Leadership Team and reports directly to the President and CEO.

He brings more than 13 years of IT-related business experience and 20+ years of IT and Telecommunications experience. He recently developed, implemented and currently supervises a successful channel partner program for Latin America. GlobaLogix is pleased to have an internationally recognized Network Engineer as a valuable team member. His knowledge extends to international sales, business development programs, customs regulations, special permitting, payment and withholding regulations, social security requirements, and banking procedures. Horacio’s business knowledge and experiences are key elements in contributing to our successful project implementations.

Horacio has a Bachelor of Science and an Engineering Degree in Electronics and Communications from ITESM, Mexico. He has extensive technical training in radio propagation systems, robotics and power electronics.

Shawn Lain, Field Operations Manager

Shawn-Lain-12-01Shawn manages our Barnett Shale field operation office located in Weatherford, TX. He has experience in design and implementation of measurement, automation, and control systems on well pad and production facilities. Also, Shawn has experience with several RTU programming protocols and radio communication systems.

Shawn’s responsibilities and duties include the management of field operations personnel and interface with both the GlobaLogix sales and engineering departments. Shawn’s experience allows him to support not only his local crew but also to provide input on project design.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from Tarleton State University.

Jim Fererro, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Emeritus

Jim brings 35 years of experience in natural gas production and gas compression to his board activities at GlobaLogix and has worked his entire career in oilfield services. While working for Schlumberger and Hanover Compression, he led a team that installed remote monitoring operations for customers’ compression assets. These initial projects resulted in increased production, improved run time and reduced operating costs; proving to Jim the potential remote monitoring held for improving oilfield operations. As a co-founder of GlobaLogix, Jim has created a company focused on implementing critical benefits for energy companies facing that are more challenges in the oilfield than ever before.

Drawing on experience in business development in North America, Southeast Asia, Australia and West Africa, Jim played a key role in the company’s expansion into new regions and market segments. Previously as vice president of Universal Compression, Jim acquired experience in market analysis, new market development, and business implementation – all of which have helped him lead GlobaLogix to impressive growth in recent years.

Jim holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Tulsa and a Master’s Degree from Western State in Gunnison, Colorado.

Robert K. Moses Jr., Board Member

Robert K. Moses, Jr. has been instrumental in establishing Houston as an energy epicenter. Moses was a founding shareholder of Weatherford International, now one of the world’s largest oilfield services companies. He has continued to lead the industry as head of Blackjack Resources and as a prominent private investor in Houston-area energy businesses. He previously served as chairman of the board of directors of Weatherford Enterra from 1989–1992, and as director of Weatherford Enterra from 1992– 1998.

Michael McShane, Board Member

Along with serving as a director of GlobaLogix, Michael McShane is currently serving as a Director of Spectra Energy Corporation, a provider of natural gas infrastructure. McShane has served as director, president and CEO of Grant Prideco, Inc., a publicly traded manufacturer of oilfield supplies and drill stem products. Also, he was director and CFO of BJ Services Company.


H.A. “Hobby” Abshier, Jr., Board Member

In addition to serving as a director of GlobaLogix, Hobby Abshier was a senior consultant at the investment group, currently known as Neuberger Berman Private Equity Group, for sixteen years. Previously, he founded FSA, an investment banking firm in Austin, Texas, and served as co-founder and General Partner for the Triad Venture Group. He has also served as a director of South Texas Drilling Company, Rio Grande, Dawson Well Services and Garden Ridge Pottery. Hobby started his career at Rotan-Mosle (now UBS), where he became a partner, officer, director, and founder of the firm’s institutional investment department. He is a graduate of Rice University and Harvard Business School.

Holcombe Crosswell, Board Member

Holcombe Crosswell is a prominent member of both the Houston business and philanthropic communities. Crosswell was a director of CenterPoint Energy and previously served as a director of NorAm Energy Corporation. Crosswell and his wife Emily are deeply involved with Texas Children’s Hospital; Crosswell has chaired two capital campaigns and has served on its board of trustees for nearly 20 years.

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